DiagLog is an application for AutoCAD platform versions 2010 or higher (in 32 or 64 bits) to create logical diagrams.

Main Features

  • Interface in Portuguese and English.
  • The pages of each document are stored in the same DWG file.
  • The IO List is stored in a Microsoft Excel worksheet.
  • Complete training in just one day.

Logical Diagram

  • IEC and ISA standards.
  • IEC
  • All components are parametric, allowing configuration of dimensions and colors.
  • The drawing is automatically updated when the IO List in Excel changes.
  • Manages the numbering and addressing of pages.
  • Logical blocks are created dynamically, without the need of a block library.
  • Insertion of inputs, outputs and variables (internal and goose) through the IO List in Excel.
  • Manages the crossing reference of internal variables.
    Cruzamento de Variáveis
  • Creates the crossing reference to the electrical diagram developed by Eletron.
    Cruzamento entre Funcional e Lógico
  • It allows the exchange of variables (Goose) between different diagrams.
  • Creates the Crossing Reference Report of inputs, outputs and variables, informing the physical address, description and positions in the logical and electrical diagrams.
    Relatório Ref Cruzada